Since the approval of the first therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) in 1986, a wave of therapeutic mAbs have revolutionized human health in an array of conditions including cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory, ophthalmological, metabolic, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

The past three decades have seen advances in therapeutic monoclonal antibody discovery technologies from fully murine antibodies, to chimeric antibodies, to humanized antibodies, and finally to fully human antibodies. Today, fully human antibodies can be discovered using genetically-engineered animals, in vitro systems and even directly from human B cells. Transgenic mice are the most successful platform for fully human antibody discovery and development, but robust, reliable platforms are encumbered or are no longer available. Ablexis has developed, validated and delivered the AlivaMab Mouse, a new, innovative and unencumbered transgenic mouse platform for the discovery and development of human therapeutic antibodies.