Through ongoing expansion of the roster of licensees of the AlivaMab Mouse, broaden enablement of the efficient discovery of the next generation of breakthrough antibody drugs for patients


Ablexis, LLC, a biotechnology company dedicated to licensing the AlivaMab Mouse, an innovative, next-generation platform for antibody drug discovery, was founded in December 2009, based on technology principles established by its subsidiary, Aliva Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Since their first implementation in the late 1990s, transgenic mouse platforms have proven to be the most productive platform for the successful discovery and development of fully human antibody drugs. Transgenic mouse platforms harness the power of the in vivo immune system to directly yield antibody drug candidates with desirable characteristics of very high potency, specificity, solubility and reduced chances of immunogenicity. Combined with their broad target applicability, transgenic mice bring an unparalleled efficiency and probability of success to the discovery and development of quality human antibody drug candidates.

Ablexis’ AlivaMab Mouse platform, an innovative, next-generation transgenic mouse platform, was developed by leaders in genetic engineering and antibody drug discovery and development. This platform is enabling the efficient discovery and development of the next generation of human therapeutic antibodies to treat human diseases. Ablexis continues commercializing the AlivaMab Mouse platform through creative partnering strategies providing broad, non-exclusive access for antibody discovery with no target or field-of-use restrictions.